Rides from Caistor

Caistor, the northern most town of West Lindsey is situated on the A46 and has existed since pre-Roman times. Located on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds it is the perfect place to launch rides into the hills although be prepared to climb at the start of the ride, at its end or both.

Other than crossing the A46 or the A631 there are few encounters with busy roads leaving you free to explore the beauty of the Wolds. The climbs are mainly short and punchy and the flatter areas wide and expansive. It just gives a feeling of freedom.

The rides cover all the points of the compass and briefly flirt with North Lincolnshire on one ride. You will pass through villages that are deep in religious history and those that have been settlements for many centuries, as well as climb the hill that is reputed to be the hardest in the Lincolnshire Wolds, Nettleton Hill.

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Caistor Heritage Centre, a good place for coffee and cake.