Edge of the Wolds

Edge of the Wolds

Distance 21.5 miles (34.6km) with options to shorten the ride
Grade Moderate
Ascent 583ft (178m) approximately
Time 105 minutes
Start / Finish Market Rasen
Parking John Street Car Park
Refreshments Various cafés and pubs in Market Rasen, The Kings Head and The Olde Barn in Tealby, slightly off route is The Vintage Tearoom in Tealby (not open January and February.

General overview

This ride from Market Rasen takes in several small villages and hamlets around the town including Middle Rasen, Walesby, Tealby, Little London, Legsby, Lissington and Linwood. The climbs are easily manageable; being more inclines than hills and should be within most peoples’ capability. The route follows mainly quiet country lanes although it does have short stretches on some busier roads. There are several points where the route can be shortened if you have run out of time or energy or if the weather has changed for the worse.

The remains of a Second World War army camp have been revealed after the ivy had been removed

There are a few points of interest on this ride. At the junction of Top Road and the A46 you will notice the remains of a building; this is the relics of a Second World War army camp. Recently the Forestry Commission cleared the trees close to the road revealing this building and footings of several other buildings to the camp. Deeper in the woods there use to be an isolation hospital made from wood, but this was burnt down after it was no longer in use to destroy any diseases.

In Walesby, All Saints Church or The Ramblers Church, perched high on the hill, was renovated in the 1930’s and in 1951 the Rambler’s Association donated a stain glass window depicting ramblers and cyclists. Although you can go and see the church the ride up is steep and rough and is more suited to mountain bikes than road bikes.

Along Catskins Lane, on the way to Tealby, another diversion can be made to visit the Risby Grange flock of Lincolnshire Longwool sheep. Again, this diversion is along a bridlepath that climbs a steep hill, peaking at 17% ascent. At the top there is a kissing gate that can be walked through and from here you can see a wooden shed that houses a small shop selling items relating to the Risby flock. It is unmanned, and payment is through an honesty box.

At Tealby there are several places to stop for refreshments, you could visit The Olde Barn, or slightly off the route, The King’s Head pub, the oldest thatched pub in Lincolnshire or further into the village there is The Vintage Tearooms, famous for its wonderful cakes.

The Route

1. Starting from the market place in Market Rasen the route heads out along the A631 towards Middle Rasen.

2. At Middle Rasen join the A46 for around 200m before turning right into the village and onto quieter roads. Continue through the village and turn right again at the T-junction.

3. The road continues around the bend and up a slight rise. Turn left at the junction and head up to the crossroads with Top Road, A1103.

4. Top Road, is very busy and at times cars speed along it, but you are only on it for a short time. Looking out for traffic, turn right and head for the A46.

5. At the A46 go straight across and head past the woods on the road to Walesby. This road slowly climbs, never very steeply, for about a mile and half. On the way up, you can see one of Walesby’s Churches, All Saints, which is called The Ramblers’ Church, perched high on the hill behind the village.

6. Continue to climb and turn right at the first turning. At the junction turn left if you want to visit the Ramblers’ Church, but to continue the ride turn right, this takes you past St Mary’s, Walesby’s parish church.

All Saint’s or the Rambler’s Church high above Walesby

7. A bit of careful riding is required next as you head down a fairly steep drop with a left-hand turn at the bottom to Tealby, the next village on your journey.

For a much shorter ride of around 9 miles (14.5km), carry straight on instead of turning off to Tealby and follow this road to the end and turn right at the junction to follow the road back to Market Rasen.

8. If you continue on the longer route, follow Catskin Lane as it undulates it way to Tealby. After 2 miles (3.2km) of riding along Catskin Lane, as you drop down and turn a corner you will see Castle Farm on the left-hand side. Up close this is an impressive building for this area, even though it looks derelict.

9. Ride to the end of the lane and turn left up the hill into Tealby.

If you want to shorten the route to 10.5 miles (16.9km) you can by turning right and following the road straight back into Market Rasen, passing Sunnyside Up farm shop and café if you fancy any refreshments.

10. After about 400 metres turn right onto Cow Lane following the signs to North Willingham.

11. After dropping down slightly turn right following the sign to North Willingham and continue on this road for nearly 1.5 miles (2.4km) until you get to the A631.

Again, at this point, the route can be shortened by turning right and following the A631 back into Market Rasen. This is a fairly busy road, so you should be wary of the traffic that travels along it. On your journey back this way you will pass Willingham Woods a popular walking area and meeting place for motorbikes.

The Kings Head at Tealby, the oldest thatched roof public house in Lincolnshire, which is just off the route.

12. To continue on the main route, turn left, gently climbing towards North Willingham. At this point you are about halfway through the ride.

13. On the bend of the A631 turn right to Sixhills and South Willingham. WARNING: Ride to the apex of the corner so you can see all the way around it. Cars tend to be travelling fast at this point.

14. A gentle climb for around three quarters of a mile will take you to highest point of the ride.

15. Turn right down the lane to Little London. Enjoy this part, as it is mainly downhill for 1.5 miles (2.4km); a reward for all the climbing that has been done.

At the end of the road the ride can be shortened again by turning right and keeping on this road past the golf course and Market Rasen racecourse. At the end of the road turn left and continue until you get the starting point. This would make your ride 15.3 miles (24.6km) long.

16. If you are continuing on the longer route turn left and head to Legsby. Little London is a hamlet, which consists of just a few houses; blink and you’ll miss it!

17. Just under a mile and a half later you will arrive at Legsby with its 13th Century church. Another small village where the houses line the road for just under half a mile.

Legsby’s 13th century Church

18. Continue along the road and take the first right hand turning to Lissington. Follow this road until it meets the B1202.

If you want to shorten the ride turn right and follow the road into Market Rasen. This will make the ride 18.5 miles (29.8km) long

19. This is a bit of an unusual crossroads, but just head straight on to Lissington. The road is a little open here and if there is a strong wind in any direction you are likely to be buffeted by it.

20. Follow the road through Lissington and at The White Hart turn right. This turning is on a bend in the road so take care when crossing over.

21. Just before you leave the village turn right again to Middle Rasen and follow the road for 1.7 miles (2.7km) before turning right to Linwood.

22. This road gently climbs for about a mile and joins the B1202 again. Turn left and ride through the tiny hamlet of Linwood. Keep on this road and follow it all the way to Market Rasen. At the main traffic lights turn left to take you back to the start.

This ride’s GPX file:  Edge_of_the_Wolds_-_WS